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Pearl Bryan didn’t deserve it! conclusion

Jadon Gibson

Alonzo Walling went on trial for the murder of Pearl Bryan on May 20, 1896, following the conviction of his accomplice Scott Jackson. Walling became Jackson’s worst enemy after they were captured, pointing out evidence sufficient to hang Jackson.

“One night a bunch of us dental students were drinking at Wallingford’s Tavern and Scott asked the group what poison would be the quickest in killing someone,” Walling told detectives. “The students mentioned three alternatives, hydrocyanic acid, prussic acid or a large dose of cocaine. He chose cocaine because he could buy it legally without a prescription and it was accessible right around the corner at Koeble’s.” Continue reading Pearl Bryan didn’t deserve it! conclusion

Pearl Bryan didn’t deserve it! part seven

Jadon Gibson

Pearl’s cousin, Will Wood, was arrested not long after the apprehension of Jackson and Walling. He proved to be a wealth of information for the police, providing more incriminating evidence against Scott Jackson and his activities that led to her death.

Wood was a medical student in South Bend, Indiana where he met Jackson prior to his transfer to Cincinnati. Wood’s parents lived in Greencastle as did Jackson’s mother.

After interrogating Jackson, Walling and Wood, the investigative team had a good idea of what happened but still needed to gather evidence for the prosecution. Continue reading Pearl Bryan didn’t deserve it! part seven

Pearl Bryan didn’t deserve it! part six

Jadon Gibson

Cincinnati Police Chief Deitsch ordered three of his best detectives to find and arrest Scott Jackson after getting the lowdown on the Pearl Bryan murder. Jackson was a student at the Ohio Dental College in Cincinnati, Ohio, at the time and they learned he lived in a boarding house at 222 West Ninth Street in the city.

He wasn’t in his living quarters so two of the lawmen took positions watching the street outside and the other went to Legner’s Tavern after learning it was one of his regular hangouts. Continue reading Pearl Bryan didn’t deserve it! part six

Pearl Bryan didn’t deserve it! part five

Jadon Gibson

Pearl Bryan’s former beau Scott Jackson made some sudden changes in his life in summer of 1895. He was trying to escape responsibility.

He dropped off the face of the earth as far as Pearl Bryan was concerned. She had difficulty in finding where he was and when she eventually did he wouldn’t see her or answer her messages. He had transferred from the Indiana College of Dentistry to the Dental College of Ohio, in Cincinnati.

Several weeks later she wrote Scott saying in parlance of the day that she “had made a discovery.” News that she was pregnant didn’t beckon a red letter day for Scott. He wasn’t ready to change his lifestyle or to have a regulated life. Continue reading Pearl Bryan didn’t deserve it! part five

Pearl Bryan didn’t deserve it! Part 2

Jadon Gibson

Saturday morning, February 1, 1896, was a busy morning one for Sheriff Jake Plummer of Campbell County, Kentucky . A young lady had been found brutally murdered in his jurisdiction, near an orchard just outside of Fort Thomas. Detectives Crim and McDermott, investigators from Cincinnati, showed up to assist, initially scouring over the crime area for clues.

News of the horrific murder traveled quickly and gawkers soon were entering the area. The Covington officers expelled the curiosity seekers and began searching for the head of the deceased woman as she had been decapitated. It could not be found. Continue reading Pearl Bryan didn’t deserve it! Part 2