Zoo turnaround

 作者:白朱戽     |      日期:2019-03-02 01:12:05
The charity that owns London Zoo last week announced that it had moved out of the red for the first time in 17 years. Last year, the Zoological Society of London faced a deficit of £2 million and threatened to close London Zoo. It reversed that decision only after receiving a gift of £1 million from the Emir of Kuwait. The society also underwent a reorganisation designed to make it more businesslike. Last week, the zoo announced that it had made a profit of £32 000 for the year ending in March. Peter Denton, the clerk of the society, said that London Zoo had cut its costs by £1.5 million, Whipsnade by £500 000 and the Institute of Zoology by £300 000. Denton said that the economies came mainly from cutting staff and selling some animals. ‘For example, we’ve now got three Burmese elephants instead of four, because we sold one to another zoo,